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urban samples and a table where tea is served
(urbane Muster und ein Tisch, an dem Tee serviert wird)

2 rooms


Michael Rieken

Paul Michael von Ganski

Photo prints, large poster, silk paper, audiotape, 2 armchairs and 3 yellow plastic chairs, modular synthesizer, laptop, cable, speakers, found furniture, African footballs made from recycled material, bags with tea, camping mat with tea set and vase and a table with vase, flowers, bowl with fruits, teapots and tea bowls

@RaumPro Bremen


During his stay at RaumPro, Michael Rieken created an acoustic-visual situation that plays with the perception and temporality of inner cities and asks about the potential of design and decay. He showed photographs of cityscapes combined with sound recordings from the inner cities, which, through further processing, reached a musical level that culminated in two concerts. A table at which Michael Rieken served tea invited visitors to linger in the room and enter into dialogue with the room, the artist and other visitors.

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