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In Archive eintauchen (Westphalia)

a multimedia room


Stefan Demming 

& Michael Rieken

Video projections, live sound, photo prints, postcards,  tables, teapot and teacups, a book about the photographer Hermann Reichling.

@DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst


In the series "Dive into Archives" Stefan Demming and Michael Rieken staged the results of their research in the LWL Media Center and the LWL Archive for Everyday Culture in Münster as multimedia spaces. Michael Rieken worked with the photographs of the nature conservation pioneer and nature photographer Hermann Reichling (1890 - 1948) and sounds from the animal sound archive of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. The sounds were supplemented by some long-lasting organ tones.


For his video projections distributed throughout the room, Stefan Demming used short looped film sequences from everyday culture in the 50s and 60s in Westphalia, supplemented by natural history films by Hermann Reichling.

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