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Village 2 Village

a photo installation with sound

in the AkA Showfenster


Michael Rieken

Paul Michael von Ganski


Plakate, mit Fotoauschnitten beklebte Holzplatten und Bretter, Fussbälle aus receyclten Kunststoffschnüren

@ AkA Borken-Weseke, 2022/23

On my journey through northern Tanzania in 2022, a series of photos was taken that deals with the architecture in the villages, small towns and suburbs of Moshi there. Among other things, I was interested in the colors of the facades, which seemed to me like a recycled or composted modernism (from Paul Klee to Josef Albers to Blinky Palermo). Despite the material simplicity, these buildings radiate great dignity and grandeur. For me, these photos stand in a field of tension between the other, the foreign, on the one hand, and the familiar resonances from my own cultural understanding of modernity, on the other. In the show window of the Kunsthalle Weseke, I will stage 4 large-format photos from this series in an installation that takes up the idea of recycling in different ways. On the sound level, I use field recordings that were made during the trip to Tanzania. In the center of Borken, a billboard on the same topic is used, in which 2 photos have been combined into a simple photo collage. Later there was a second poster to see here. (Michael Rieken)


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