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some kind of a temporary record shop


SEX (Anneli Käsmayr, Branka Čolić & Michael Rieken)


@ Städtische Galerie Bremen 2010

In the summer of 2010, the SEX collective opened the Sex®Shop in the Städtische Galerie Bremen for a period of five weeks, a temporary shop where records from all areas of music could be listened to and purchased. Various installative works by the SEX collective were shown on the walls and tables, which relate to the musical history of popular music.


On regular dates during the exhibition, guests were invited to talk about music and to listen to music together in the evenings, including Wiebke Colmorgen, David Donohue, Jochen Bonz, Antonio Narvaez, Thomas Meinecke, Just von Ahlefeld, Pinky Rose. Long and often intimate conversations arose about the individual socio-cultural influence of music, excerpts of which were later broadcast in a radio program series. A record was recorded by SEX as a catalog for the exhibition, 'can't find no sex in the record shop', which includes a text by Jochen Bonz.


Integrated works of SEX:


2010 / wall installation / text, Kapa records, felt-tip pen


Plastic boards with sentences and fragments of sentences from popular music titles are attached to one wall. The arrangement of these panels creates expected and unexpected relationships between the texts for the viewer. A cut-out is created

Topography of linguistic content in pop music.




2010 / wall installation / laser print, graphite, paper, acoustic foam


Edition consisting of 144 maxi-singles 'sex–can't find no sex in the record shop', hanging on two walls of the exhibition space in squares of 16 exhibits each. Each label features an original drawing by the artist collective. The records are each mounted on a wedge-shaped piece of acoustic foam that slopes the faces of the records differently. The sound that hits it is thrown back diffusely into the room – the record itself becomes an acoustic element in the room.



Jonathan Monk - the surprise (remixed by sex / sex edit)

2010 / Vinyl 12ʺ maxi-single, edition: 100 / numbered, signed & stamped by the artists

In collaboration with the artist Jonathan Monk and referring to his work 'The Surprise', which he released as a 7' single in 2006, the "remix" of this idea is created as a new edition. 100 maxi-singles with selected music from pop, dance, soul and house are pasted over with new, seemingly uniform labels, so that it remains unknown which music is on the record.



One out of many

2010 / interactive sound and image installation / monitor, PC

144 different record covers, which change from time to time, are arranged on a screen. At the same time, the music from all the records shown is superimposed and can be heard over loudspeakers at a very low volume. The resulting sound fills the room with a quiet but very present colored noise. If the visitor clicks on one of the record covers on the screen, the other covers and the corresponding music gradually disappear. Finally, the selected cover remains visible on the screen and the associated music sounds in the room at normal volume. At the end of the piece of music, all 144 covers appear again and the music sinks into the initial noise.



Wiebke Colmorgen, David Donohue, Jochen Bonz, Antonio Narvaez, Thomas Meinecke, Just von Ahlefeld, Pinky Rose, Kinki Texas, DJ Random & DJ Phlex, Tiina Takkula, Hendrik Warnke & Daniel Bregulla, Claude Draude, Paul Michael von Ganski, Ole Harms , Ulrich Duve, Sebastian Schmidt, Jochen Becker, DJ Marcelle, Adem Mahmutoglu.


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