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is a music project


Michael Rieken: computer, onestringviolin, sampler
Stephane Leonard (since 2005): computer, microphone, synthesizer
Ansgar Wilken: guitar, effects and more 

Tim Tetzner (2001 - 2005) electronics

Julijuni combines abstract electronic sound processing with semi accoustic tone creations. Recognizable patterns embedded in free sometimes challenging, sometimes hypnotic and repetitive structures. Complex music yet playful and experimental.
Julijuni does not necessarily believes in chance within improvised music but admits to get caught inside a productiv musical misunderstanding every once in a while. Conscious unawareness and blind trust could be two reasons why these three individuals almost accidently met to form this band to play this kind of music. Without words fighting back and forth to finally meet in the embrace of matching sounds creating a song only to tear it up again later - noise and reconciliation - attracting and revolting opposites in permanent process. Intensive texturizing based on a synthesis of analogue and digital improvisation, prerecorded facts, collapsing loops, thick and transparent layers, deconstructed repetition is what could happen if Julijuni would be more predictable - you will be surprised.
After releasing a well acclaimed 12" split record with improvisors Perlonex followed by concerts throughout Germany Julijuni took a two year break to concentrate on solo projects and other bands. Meanwhile Tim moves to Berlin and leaves the group and Stephane moves to Bremen to step in.


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